~CalPush offers advanced web service! Instantly register event information in smartphone calendar!~

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CalPush does not need a database, easy introduction of event information only in HTML!

(CalPush is best for all websites that uses『PM−Engine(※)』を組込むことで、「日時」「場所」の解析が実現可能となります。)

Unlike other calendar registration services with restrictions, CalPush can be used on any calendar application! It is flexible and convenient!

CalPush will do as you wish!

~「CalPush for Web」is best for websites which uses event information.


  • I want it for free.
  • I want to avoid making changes to the Web as much as possible.
  • I want to attract more customers to my events.
  • I want to set reminders for events campaigns.
  • I want to convert web visits to sales.
  • I want to utilize user data for marketing.
  • I want to use a tool that is easy to maintain even if I have numerous data.

~You can view registered user information using generated reports.~

This information is「valuable!
All data can be viewed in advanced for marketing and user research purposes!
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From introduction to start of service usage

~ Applying for「CalPush」usage is fast and easy! With a minimum of 3 days application, you can start using the service. ~

  • ① Application, Price Quotation, Orientation(1日)
  • ② Receipt of Application, Creation of Account(1日)
  • ③ CalPush JS code will be integrated to your website by your staff. (1〜2日)
  • ④ Start of usage.
    ※Service will be automatically renewed every end of the month.
「CalPush for Web」is easy to install and affordable! We provide customizations for free to suit your needs!

With CalPush, it is easy to incorporate new options. Thus, it is beneficial for your company. Check the following document for more details.

Useful information about CalPush can be accessed here.

Our Clients

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  • Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
  • Sogo・Seibu Co.
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Government Office
  • Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.
  • Ibaraki Prefecture Tourism Association
  • George P. Johnson Inc.
  • Viacom Networks Japan Co., Ltd.
  • TBS TV Co., Ltd.
  • Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation
  • Nagoya Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Tota Corporation (Iizuka Auto Racecourse Website)
  • e-Vocational School Guide
  • Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
  • Broadcast Satellite Disney Co.,Ltd.
  • HIS Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airlines Corporation
  • Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.
  • Kokuyo Corporation
  • Toei Corporation
  • Fuji Television Corporation
  • WOWOW Corporation