The following are the frequently asked questions.

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How is CalPush different from other calendar-sharing services?
The following points show how CalPush is different from others:
What kind of calendar do I need to use CalPush?
If the browser in use is Safari, it will be registered to Apple's standard calendar (iOS / macOS). If the browser is Google, it will register in Google Calendar.
With what browsers is CalPush compatible?
It should run in most major browsers, but there's no guarantee it will run in every browser.
I cannot register to the calendar. What could be causing this?
(1)Is the browser in private browsing mode? Please turn off private browsing.
(2)For Google Calendar, you will need your Google Account ID and password. Authentication is required during the first access.
(3)Check WiFi connection. Speed issues may cause CalPush to not work.
Is it possible to view an event using a non-standard OS calendar?
Most of the third party calendar applications developed for smartphones are able to display the OS standard calendar by default, but if it is not displayed, please try changing the setting in the calendar application.
How is it different from "Web Push"?
It is a service that can send a push notification to users by using the browser from the website. A dedicated application is not necessary. "Web Push" works with "CalPush for Web" which can register calendar.
What is the installation process?
Just simply embed JavaScript and tag information which we will provide. Click here for more details.
How can I benefit from this?
Regardless of industry and business type, it is useful in company websites with many event information. Increasing sales such as campaigns and coupons, and events promotions will be more efficient due to the calendar reminder function.
Which portion of CalPush has world patent?
The analysis engine "PM-Engine" which extracts and analyzes the date and time information in the website and accumulates data is our world patent technology.
How does an analysis engine help me?
There are various approaches to register information on the Web site to the calendar, but both of them take time and cost for initial cost and maintenance.
"PM-Engine" handles mass analysis of date and time information of event information at once, so it can greatly reduce labor and cost. In addition, the data can be accumulated in real time and used as marketing data. Please contact us for more information.
Is it possible to use it in a CMS?
Yes, it can be integrated. Please contact us for more information.
Is there a way to know if a person who registered for calendar has experienced success?
Yes. Conversion results can be tracked for users who has been registered in the calendar. However, do note that the method will change depending on the contents of the company's website. Please contact us for more information.
Can I apply as an agent?
Yes, please send us your application here.