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Automatic Analysis of Big Events with PM Engine

Easily obtain useful data by obtaining with large amounts of event information with date and time text analysis!

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12:00 Hiking
How to make delicious ramen!
12:00 Lunch Sports
Tokyo x Kanagawa!!!
12:00 Lunch News
12:00 Lunch News
Hay Fever Prevention!
12:00 Lunch News
TV First Release!
12:00 AnchorZ Shopping
Live Broadcast
12:00 PMOEM News
First in 10 Years!
02/01 (Mon)
02/02 (Tue)
02/03 (Wed)
02/04 (Thu)
02/05 (Fri)
02/06 (Sat)
02/07 (Sun)
12:00 Masahiro's Room
Choi-san is coming. 「PM-Engine」will be discussed
12:30 「PM Engine」! scramble
"PM Engine" is a parsing engine developed by AnchorZ Co., Ltd. that extracts words and phrases related to date and time from the body of a message and registers the contents as a new schedule in the calendar.
12:00 Lunch News
"PM Engine" finally obtained a patent! Supports multiple languages: Korean, Chinese and English besides Japanese!
12:00 Lunch News
"CalPush" was adopted by Hibiki Co., Ltd.
12:00 Lunch News
December 25 News about the "CalPush for Media" adoption by "Shimomachi Rocket" was released. CalPush gained popularity and is finally released!
12:00 Lunch News
TBSTV (Sunday Theater 'Downtown Rocket')CalPush adoption effects posted
12:00 AnchorZ Shopping
User's Daily Advertisement. "CalPush AD Direct" is a totally new mobile ad solution.
12:00 PMOEM News
We will provide customized design service to make the application an original calendar app of your company while keeping the convenient functions of CalPush.
02/08 (Mon)
02/09 (Tue)
02/10 (Wed)
02/11 (Thu)
02/12 (Fri)
02/13 (Sat)
02/14 (Sun)
12:00 Hiking
Introducing affordable hiking in Mount Fuji!
12:00 Lunch Sports
Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Valley, Basketball
12:00 Lunch News
Special Feature of Nabe!
12:00 Lunch News
How to Prevent Colds!
12:00 Lunch News
What's for today?
12:00 AnchorZ Shopping
SALE! Air Purifier!
12:00 PMOEM News
Exhibition Feature